Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday Surprise!

Early this week we had a generous snowfall. It was a white, slippery, and wintery world until about Thursday when the wind started to blow and melt the snow away. It's mostly gone now except for a few patches here and there. And the weather warmed up to the mid-forties today, allowing for a nice walk around the neighborhood. As I passed by one of my garden beds I thought I'd look for green shoots coming up through the earth. I was pleasantly surprised when I found not only shoots, but an early snowdrop plant in full bloom! It made my day! By the way, I've always considered snowdrops a domestic plant rather than a wildflower. But recently I was watching a DVD called Seasonal Forests in the series Planet Earth by the BBC. The photography was stunning and both evergreen and deciduous forests were shown in great detail. I was surprised to observe one forest scene in early spring where abundant snowdrops were blooming on the forest bed. I guess in some places they are wildflowers as well. They made a stunning white carpet with the forested canopy overhead --- very beautiful.


  1. This photo spoke to me this morning. Thanks for posting it.

  2. I love snowdrops. Thanks for sharing a hint of Spring :-) Rosie

    oh..were they here..but alas today is
    frigid..I know Spring is coming..
    Might I use your picture to show the way to YOUR beautiful blog??

    Deena in Pink (today)

  4. I don't think that I have ever laid eyes on a snowdrop plant! How beautiful! What a welcome site that must have been. My living in California might be the reason for having not spied one of these. All of our snow is in the local mountains. The peaks are sparkling with white snow.

    Thanks for introducing me to this beautiful "domestic" wildflower! :~D


  5. Yeah ! That must mean that spring is close !

  6. What a delicious jolt to the senses that must've been to find the snowdrops blooming. It'll be quite awhile before I can hope for such a thing in my corner so thank you for sharing the snowdrops with me.

  7. What a lovely little flower. I have not seen them before.

  8. Thank you so much..they brightened up MY Blog


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