Sunday, January 13, 2008

Teatime for the Soul

Teatime for the soul can be compared to dropping everything to spend a few stolen moments in a beautiful garden.

Celeste perrino Walker

Photo: My Mother's Garden


  1. Was this your own mother's garden. Boy, does that make me wish for spirng and summer!

  2. Could just sit right there in your Mother's garden.
    I love your posts on English tea rooms.
    Don't know about January as the hot tea month though!!!!!!!!!
    We drink hot tea all year round, 365 days!!!!!

  3. What a lovely place! Cozy & inviting!

  4. ahhh...waiting for SPRING.

  5. This speaks to me. My soul could use a garden to sit in. It is quite foggy out. This time of year makes me long for spring. I will have to see if I can arrange a something indoors that will be as a tea time to me for my soul.

  6. Hi LaTeaDah - a nice hot cup of tea sounds yummy right now. I just wish it wasn't so cold out so I could head out to the garden! :) One thing I love about Jan. is - I know spring is only a few months away!

  7. Your mother's garden is absolutely gorgeous. I saw this photo when reading your blog yesterday, and had to come back for a second look and to make a comment. She was so very talented! :)

  8. Ohh, the memories! I believe you emailed this picture to me. And this is only by the driveway. If only your readers could see her whole property...

    One time a man knocked on her door offering to buy the lot because it "was the prettiest place (he'd) ever seen." Your mom said no.

    She came dowstairs and told me about it.


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