Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cookbook Comments

Here are samples of some of the other cookbooks in the series that contained recipes of home economics teachers. I suppose the publishers felt that if the teachers had recipes published in cookbooks, they would choose those books for student fund-raising projects! I suspect that the students would have been even more energetic about selling cookbooks containing their own recipes! And that gave me an idea that I'll share with you another day.

I really enjoyed all the comments you posted regarding your love of reading cookbooks. I see I am not alone! I suspected such. Thanks for your comments. Here are some I'd love to share with others:

Elizabeth Joy:

I love to read cookbooks, especially ones with pictures.


Well you know I love to read cookbooks. I was juts given a cookbook about Beatrix Potter and was saying it really is more like a history book. What a fun way to learn history. Stay warm.


WOW, what a beautiful collection!!


I love collecting cook books, especially chocolate cook books.

I LOVE cookbooks too and recently had to weed out a lot of mine, some in storage, some in giveaway. Though, my cookbook collection comes nowhere near to rivalling yours! I am coveting your bookshelves though :o) because I have more than enough other books to fill up those and then some. My dream house will have a "library" in it!


I love to read cookbooks! Looking forward to some reviews...


Love your collection of cookbooks.... looks like you have as many as I do! And mine are permanently stored in the living room as my kitchen doesn't have that much space. I have about 30 in the kitchen that I reference with regularity, but the others are upstairs where I can read them at my leisure; selecting new recipes to try for family and friends.


Wow! I can't wait to read your reviews. I too love to look at cookbooks. I'm notoriously bad at following recipes exactly, but I do love cookbooks for inspiration and jumping off points.


Wow! Are all of those cookbooks?? I love cookbooks, and have a lot, but nowhere near that many! I look forward to reading your cookbook reviews!


Yes, reading cookbooks is very entertaining. In fact, I read mine much more than I use them to cook! And whenever I go to a bookstore, I love to read the cookbooks there too.


I love to read cookbooks. I collect them and when I buy a new one I go through each page.I put a little mark on the ones I have to try. If I love it after I have tried it I put a check.


I think you need to have a cookbook give-a-way, girl! Holy cow! Lotsa fun reading though - I love reading cookbooks.


I also love to read cookbooks, though I have been trying to downsize. Look forward to learning more about your cookbooks.
I just took out my tea books which includes ideas for entertaining and recipes.


I have, through the years but much to much...a reader and collector of cookbooks....but not enough ...trying of new recipes....which does not speak well of me...does it...and I too try to not keep quite so many anymore...
A favorite of mine is Sue Gregg....I took lessons in her house years ago and now her books although very tattered have some wonderful, wholesome delicious recipes.


Wow, would I be in heaven there. Since, I love to cook. Enjoyed my visit. Hope you can stop by soon. Connie


Oh I'm a cookbook lover too. I can hardly resist a new one. Why is that?
I tried to have a closer look at your selection but it didn't get any bigger. I look forward to your posts about them.


Wow, you've got a huge collection - I wish I could be there to have a peak to all of them ;)- I'm a book lover too and my cookbook collection is smaller than yours.

I just got a new cookbook for Christmas that is great fun to read: Nigella Bites by Nigella Lawson. I can't resist her British accent, even in her prose.

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