Monday, January 07, 2008

Thank you for the lovely comments from blogging friends. I especially enjoyed what you had to say about the Hoosier. Here are some samples:

Sharon: Good morning, I read this blog on Hoosier cabinets and I was immediately transported back to my Grandmama's kitchen. My grandmama never had much in the way of material things. She lived in a 4 room house. A livingroom, kitchen and 2 bedrooms, and an outhouse. I remember the old coal stove that heated their was only put up in the cold months. I also remember that we were not allowed to play on the coal pile..for obvious reasons. The most wonderful thing about grandmama was her little kitchen. Whenever we came for a visit she would cook a big meal. I can still remember her going to Hoosier cabinet and getting out her supplies for the meal. I can still her the sound of the forks and spoons clanging together when she opened the drawers to retrieve them. I can actually smell the roast as it was cooking. :) My mom now has the Hoosier and it is to come to me when she passes on. Thank you for transporting me back to a very special time in my childhood.

Barbara: As a child we had a similar thing to a Hoosier but it was called a food safe.

Brenda: I want one so bad. My mamaw had one and I'd love to have hers.

Grace: We lived in a rent house about 12 years ago that had a metal Hoosier cabinet built into the kitchen area. Oh how I miss that piece.

My husband's grandmother had a large one in her Indiana kitchen, where she rolled out dough and kept all her baking equipment. It was white with drawers on the bottom and pierced-tin coverings on the top doors. When he was little, my husband used to stand on a stool in front of it to cut dough into noodles. It stayed in the same spot for over 60 years, until the house was sold in 2003.

I love the old Hoosier cabinets. Coming from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, I've seen quite a few at auctions. I would love to have one in my kitchen!

I never heard about a Hoosier. Thank you for sharing this. I think if I lived in the US I would collect them too :-)


  1. I never hear about a hoosier. Thank you for sharing this. I think when I live in the US I would collect them too :-)

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  3. As a child we had a similar thing to a hoosier but it was called a food safe.

    Lovely winter photo. Glad you enjoyed the flowers.


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