Thursday, January 17, 2008

Favorite Cookbooks

As promised, it's time for a cookbook review. It was very difficult to know where to start. My collection isn't 'new' or necessarily exciting, but it's meaningful to me. Each cookbook represents a piece of the history of my family, dear friends, or of myself. Looking through my collection, I decided to start with some old cookbooks that have much meaning for me. During my years as a high school home economics teacher, my students participated in fund raisers to assist with field trips, fees for their vocational club, or other extra-curricular things related to home ec. The students selected a variety of items to sell, but one of the most successful fund-raising projects was selling cookbooks. Each year a vendor would publish a new cookbook or two that was a compilation of favorite recipes of home economics teachers from throughout the United States. The recipes were usually creative, sometimes unusual, and tasty. Parents appreciated having something of substance to purchase rather than a stuffed animal, candle, stationary, or chocolate bars! The students did very well with this innovative fund-raiser.


  1. I adore cookbooks and have lots of them......Mary

  2. This looks like a KEEPER....
    this is going to be fun.

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I am a great cookbook fan.
    Can eat them raw :-)

  4. These types of cookbooks are my favorite. I still have one our PTA did at Cascade Elementary in Kennewick and another favorite was one the support staff in the district put together. Our school here has done a few also.


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