Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lethargics and Light

Lethargics are to be laid in the light, and exposed to the rays of the sun for the disease is gloom.


An appropriate verse for the grey, dreary days of winter. The sunshine has only been peeking through briefly. Drizzle, rain, snow, and ice have been constant companions. One the days it doesn't shine, alternative light is sought! And speaking of light, what do you think of this lampshade? It's very old and in a museum. I love the vibrant blue color and especially like the crown and crest at the top. How interesting!


  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Love the lamp! It has sparked my imagination!

  2. The lamp is wonderful. I wonder if it's from Imperial Russia...
    or from Germany.
    Well anyway it's great...
    Hope you get a splash of sunshine soon.

  3. cool lampshade. lovely stopping by to say"howdy" haven't visited in a while(shame on me!) hope you have a good weekend.

  4. Anonymous8:38 PM

    i love rain, fog and overcast weather. but that lamp *would* brighten things up a tich. :o)


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