Friday, January 18, 2008

Snows Respite

Every now and then a snow day is required. . .to lift the spirits and to take one beyond the gray skies of the valley into the glorious sunshine above! Today was such a day. Brent and I left the cares of life behind and went to the snowy mountains. Work could wait. . .it was time to refresh the spirit!

The pure white snow buffers noises; peace and calm surround. There is no noise unless you make it yourself. Boots on snow provide squeak and thump --- but when standing silently in the forest you can nearly hear yourself think!

A lake bed is frozen over and looks small and insignificant when covered with snow. During the summer months this is an active and vital lake, swarming with people, frogs, and fish! Many a happy hour has been spent hiking around this lake.


  1. Oh my god, how I miss those sunny, crips winter days when I see these photos. I haven't experienced a whole lot of these days since I moved sough *wistful sigh*

  2. What a perfect day you chose! I was thinking of that lake this morning with hikers on it's shores and wildflowers blooming everywhere. What a surprise to see it covered with ice and snow! So beautiful.

    Your father's song was just the right one for the setting.

  3. Anonymous10:12 AM

    This could be Norway :-)

  4. Awesome views of a wonderland!

    I was way behind on your blog but I'm all caught up now. Really loved seeing your grandmother on her birthday. She and my father were born the same year, so seeing her put in perspective how he might be if he were still here.

  5. such beautiful pictures! the winter weather looks gorgeous!


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