Saturday, January 12, 2008

Afternoon tea at Dame Agatha Twigs Victorian Tea Room is not a disappointment. A proper pot of tea is served after being decanted and set on table with milk and sugar. Tiny tea sandwiches, scones, and cake are served with tea for a complete afternoon tea experience. Soft music and gentle conversation fill the air. Gentle breezes from the harbor waft in from the old-style windows at table edge. English newspapers and magazines are set upon small tables by comfy chairs if one wishes to indulge in an hour of reading and relaxation. If you wish to visit at the kitchen door, the gracious hostess (proprietress, chef, and waitress) is happy to take time to converse on subjects like afternoon tea, the community, or her home of origin in the English countryside. The tea experience at Dame Agatha Twigs is exactly right --- quieting, peaceful, tasty, and filled with charm. From the city streets to the gracious tearoom service, Port Townsend offers a quaint and lovely Victorian experience for all whom wish to partake.

Clarice from Storybook Woods wrote a description with photographs of this tearoom as well. To read her review, click here and scroll down the page to her October 23 post.


  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Thank you for taking me there!

  2. I so enjoyed visiting this tea room!! You do such a wonderful job of reviewing that it makes the reader feel like she is sitting at one of those tables, enjoying the delicious food and looking out at the breathtaking view!! Gwen

  3. I always enjoy reading about tea room experiences and you do reviews so well!

    What a wonderful view that must be!



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