Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dame Agatha Twigs

What better way to honor National Hot Tea Month than to write a tea room review about a lovely tea experience. Please join me as we visit Dame Agatha Twigs Tea Room in Port Townsend, Washington. Make sure your tea is hot and your scones are near, then read along.


Port Townsend is a quaint and beautiful Victorian Seaport town in the Puget Sound. Named thus by Captain George Vancouver in 1792, it was immediately recognized by him and his sailing crew as an excellent and safe harbor. Visions of the largest harbor on the west coast danced in the heads of important people of the day and many wealthy and prosperous people moved to this locale because of the potential this seaport town offered. Beautiful and ornate Victorian architecture were built in Port Townsend during this time. It was hoped that the North Pacific Railroad would connect this city to Tacoma, thereby creating a direct link from seaport to the east coast. Citizens of this beautiful city named it the "City of Dreams" because of the early speculation that this would become the largest harbor on the west coast. Unfortunately this never materialized and Seattle became the locally favored port instead. But all was not lost. This beautiful harbor, although not a freight and harbor center of the west coast, benefits still from the exquisite architecture and the construction of the 1800's. Because the economy of this city died quickly in the late 1800's, none of the Victorian buildings were torn down or built over, so when the town was revitalized and population growth took place in the 1970's, the original structures were appreciated, fostered, and restored. From this city on a hill, the Puget Sound can be viewed from many directions. Ships and sailing boats dot the water scene. Quaint shops and restaurants grace the 'old town' waterfront portion of this city. Visitors are welcome and find refreshment and revitalization within it's boundaries. Today this city is known as an inviting tourist destination and as a maritime center for independent boat-builders and those with related industries and crafts.


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    That tearoom looks delightful! Thanks for sharing! ~ Lynda

  2. Oh I enjoyed our short stop at Port Townsend a few summers back. We had travelled on our motorbike with a group to Anacortes and then took the ferrry over to Port Townsend. We were not dressed proper for a tea house but I did say that day, sometime we're coming back here.
    Your tea pictures are so lovely.

  3. Sounds like a great little place. Is this the tea room where you took your dad for his birthday?



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