Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sovereignty and Quantum Physics

Gloria Gaither has an article in the January issue of Homecoming magazine in which she talks about her favorite books and interviews three of her favorite authors. She also asks this question of a variety of people:

"If you had the chance to invite any author to join you in a private conversation, who would you most like to sit and talk with and what would you say?"

All of the answers were interesting, but I especially found this one by Dr. Henry Cloud meaningful:

"I would like to talk to Steven Hawking and I would ask him to use quantum physics in a conversation to talk about the theological problem of freedom and determinism that would inform the antinomy of free will and God's sovereignty. I have always wondered how order and randomness exist together and his search for the theory of 'everything' I think is very theological at its core."

Much to think about and ponder. . .

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  1. What a fascinating question Dr. Henry Cloud had. And I wish it would really happen and I'd love to know what Steven Hawking would say....

  2. One author I'd love to sit and talk with would be Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I've read everything she's written that I could get my hands on, and it's not nearly enough. What a conversation that would be!


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