Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tea Plantations

For the past five weeks my sister and her family have been traveling on a mission trip to India and Sri Lanka. Email and telephone reports from them have been very interesting and descriptive. Last week while in Sri Lanka, they visited several tea plantations. I thought you might be interested in hearing about their visit to some tea plantations (as given by another family member who took notes as she talked to them on the telephone):

". . . we went way up high to the elev of 4000 ft. to visit workers in the tea plantations. They are Indians, descended from those who were brought over from India to work in the tea by the British. The trip up was long, 8 hours of winding roads, with gorgeous views, steep cliffs, waterfalls, eucalyptus forests, and higher, pine forests. Then the thousands of acres of tea. But a very special time with the workers they went to see. Then the trip back down taking about 6 hours. . ."

Describing the very roots of afternoon tea --- my sister will be home next week and I look forward to her pictures and more stories. And I promise, I'll share with you. . .

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  1. A visit to a tea plantation sounds like such a dreamy trip!


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