Friday, February 16, 2007

Springtime Surprise!

Late this afternoon the UPS truck arrived with a delivery. I was puzzled when a box from my favorite nursery, Jackson and Perkins, was delivered. I hadn't remembered ordering any roses or bulbs from them. I was surprised to discover a cute little garden mug with a note from my dear friend, Gwen. She lives in Iowa and is the author of Gwen's Moments. She has been working on an educational DVD that she wrote and produced with the help of my sons, Brandon and Rylan. The little garden mug came with a message that says: "Enjoy some springtime! Thanks for all your help with the DVD". How sweet! They have done all the hard work; all I've done is listen, give ideas, and prod along. But, it was so nice to be remembered and thanked.

Thank you, Gwen! I love my mug garden and will post pictures of the tulips that grow and bloom when the time is right.


  1. What a great gift to receive... and such a cute one too.

    I'm checking out your blog and leaving comments in some of your old posts. :o)

  2. That mug is precious. I love the little red bird on the puppy's shoulder. I'm sure Gwen's DVD will be very special. Nice that your sons were involved.

  3. So, La Tea Dah, you have been visiting some of my old blogs. Awesome! You'll learn a lot about me there.

    It is SO cool that so many of your family members have lived in Salmon Arm. I never have, but I did live in Enderby for many years (Mom & sister M still live there)and I am still within easy driving distance from both.

    You have me very curious as to what area you live in. So far nothing I've read on your blog gives me even a hint. I'm thinking Canada now, maybe even BC, but really not sure. Basing the guess on Salmon Arm, lol.


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