Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Tandems of Tempt

Spicing up a wintry day may be as simple as trying out some new flavors and awakening the taste buds. McCormick, which claims to be the world's largest spice company, recently polled chefs, cooking personalities, and cookbook authors, asking them to tell what favoring are being used in the foods they make or promote. Two things came to the fore: greater use of foreign flavors and a willingness by all cooks to be more adventurous with flavors. McCormick recently introduced their top food matches for 2007. Unusual, yet intriguing, these flavors are:

1. thyme and tangerine
2. wasabi and maple

3. sea salt and smoked tea
4. cumin and apricot

5. crystallized ginger and salted pistachio
6. lavender and honey

7. clove and green apple
8. tellicherry black pepper and berries

9. toasted mustard sees and fennel seeds
10. caramelized garlic and vinegar

Unusual? Too quirky? Beyond reality in the creativity realm? Maybe, but never boring!

For recipes using these combinations, go to:


  1. I love this! And I buy Costco's Sea Salt, too :)

  2. I think the two most appealing to try for me would be the thyme and tangerine, and the cumin and apricot. These combinations McCormick posted certainly make you think outside the box!


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