Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's February!

It's February! And I am so happy! January's blues are over. The colors of February are the colors of love and chocolate: pink, red, and cocoa brown! February is a short month, filled with sweethearts, primroses, chocolate kisses, and wonderful recipes. Yes, I said recipes! The past week I've been sorting through file boxes of recipes that I've collected for the past twenty-some years. Wonderful recipes of grandmother's, aunts, and best friends. Grandmother's coffee cake, Aunt Mabel's periogies, Mom's Steamed Christmas Pudding, Bonnie's Cheesecake, and Hazel's Taco Soup recipes are moving from file box to my own cooking notebook. But I digress. As I've looked through recipes, sorting and preparing to file them in the proper sections of my notebook, I've found so many lovely Valentine's recipes for romantic dinners and chocolate treats. February, lacking yet in gardening opportunities, is the perfect month to share special recipes for creative foods and romantic menus. February is the month for sharing some things I hold near and dear. Enjoy!

Thank you to Mary Kathryn for the lovely stitched pillow. It's perfect for February (and for every other month of the year as well). A letter has been posted and is on it's way to you!

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