Friday, October 02, 2009

The Traveling Teapot

Sweet friends --- blessings from above!

The traveling teapot arrived at my house, thanks to the generosity of Marilyn from Delights of the Heart. I'm excited to be its hostess for the month of October. There are seven traveling teapots, networking from tea-lover to tea-lover throughout the United States this year. The project was started by Bonnie in January. She sent seven women a 6-cup Friendship Teapot and 12 journals. During the month, each of these seven women are assigned the task of tea experiences, sharing tea from the teapot with friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Each participant is to record their tea experiences in the tea journal given. At the end of the month, the journals are mailed to Bonnie and the teapot is sent to a tea friend of the participants choice. Bonnie says she is doing this because she is curious about where the seven Friendship Teapots will travel and end up in December of 2009. At year's end, 84 women will have experienced tea with those around them (for numerous times, perhaps) and will have journaled about their experience. Doesn't this sound like fun? "My" teapot has already been to Marilyn, Nancy, Linda, Denise, Steph, and Phyllis --- all "tea friends" for many years. I'm still deciding where it will go next, but I have a few great ideas!

So what did my teapot experience yesterday? A dear friend, Hazel, and her daughter Kara, met me for lunch at the Olive Garden. I packed a tote bag with my teapot and a tin of peppermint tea and sweet leaf stevia. Over tea and lunch, we spent hours talking and planning and sharing together as we discussed Kara's upcoming wedding and all that needs done to make it a perfect day! What better way to break in a teapot than by wedding planning!

Stay tuned! My teapot will be going many more places with me this month, and I will be sure to share it's adventures here!


  1. What fun! Looking forward to more tea pot adventures! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh what absolute fun!!!!

    Those teapots will have some wonderful stories at the end of their travels.


  3. It is so much fun to read about the adventures of this travelling teapot, and fun to have been a part of it.

  4. That sounds like so much fun. I look forward to hearing some of what the teapot experiences while with you!

  5. This sounds like so much fun! I haven't heard about the traveling tea pots!


  6. I have very much enjoyed my visit here. I am following you now so I am sure to visit again...


  7. A Tea Adventure...with good friends, how delightful!

    We made an announcement ...if you get a minute, please come by and share our joy...we covet your prayers!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  8. Have teapot will travel. What a fun idea! Enjoy your brewing adventure :0)

  9. What a delightful idea!! I just love people who think up stuff like this!! I'll love reading about your teapot adventures!!

  10. This is truly a tea-lightful idea! I'm so glad that you share this with us. I'm tempted to get a teapot traveling off to some place myself! Oh, I'm off to brainstorm!

  11. How fun for you, enjoy xoxox Clarice

  12. What a wonderful idea! I can't wait to watch and see where these teapots have traveled by the end of the year.


  13. What a wonderful thing to do! I hope that there are lots of wonderful adventures and fun meetings between the participants. Will be checking in again to see one day soon. Your roses and your photos of the snow are lovely. Have a wonderful autumn, LaTeaDah.


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