Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grapes in a Glass

With the first frost past, grape growers in our area are hurrying to get the last of their grapes harvested. The task is priority as they scramble to get them all picked before the really cold weather arrives. The sugar in grapes acts as an antifreeze, protecting them from the first deep frosts. But leaving them on the vines is unnecessary because the same 'first frost' froze the leaves on the vines. After they thawed out, they dried, wrinkled, and died. Thus, photosynthesis has stopped and the grapes won't ripen past where they were before the freeze. It's counterproductive to leave them on the vine any longer. A hasty harvest is in full swing!

Grapes contain wonderful antioxidant qualities and have been found to be especially beneficial for a healthy heart. Some choose to drink a juice glass of grape juice every morning as a healthy way to start the day! And what better way than with a glass of homemade grape juice! Sally's mom recently gave us some samples of her delicious homemade grape juice. They are so beautiful in the jar! Tempting! And I can confirm that they taste as good as they look!

Pictured from left to right, they are: Interlaken, Canadice, and Campbell's Early (Concord).


  1. The colors are beautiful in this juice - it speaks warm and homey to me!

  2. They sound delicious and I love grape juice.

  3. They looks beautiful. My favorite is the front pink one. I bet it would be delicious.

  4. It was delicious! Welcome, Silver Hart Girl -- to Gracious Hospitality.

  5. yummy! we just made a bunch of grape juice too! I'm just about to blog about it :)


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