Thursday, October 08, 2009

Teapot Hostess and Kim

The traveling teapot went on a wonderful adventure today, but the teapot hostess forgot to take a picture to prove it. Instead, the beautiful October teacup at the table became the star and the little blue teapot took second place. Aren't the golden and yellow chrysanthemums on this porcelain cup beautiful?

The little blue teapot was gently packed into a tote today and rode along to a hotel in town to meet a guest from far-away Australia. The teapot hostess has been online friends with Australian Kim for several years, and it just so happened that Kim is on a world tour of agriculture with her husband. Amazingly, the town of the teapot hostess was on their itinerary. Kim, who just arrived from visiting castles, museums, and other points of interest in Holland, Germany, France, and England, was ready for a girls-day-out in America. The little blue teapot was carried in its tote to many interesting places around town: quilting shops, an antique mall, a gourmet kitchen shop, health food stores, and more. Eventually it arrived at a local tea room and was used to serve some delightful spearmint tea! It patiently brewed its gentle tea while teapot hostess and Kim shared in interesting conversation.

The little blue teapot is now packed back into the tote, washed and dried, awaiting its next adventure. It had a wonderful day!


  1. I'm enjoying your teapot chronicles and that is one gorgeous tea cup!

  2. Ahhh, how relaxing and pleasant it all sounds. I wonder what the tea room owner thought of it all. That is a beautiful tea cup!

  3. sounds the pics of your roses! I know, mine have all gone crazy in the last few weeks too! I guess I never noticed it before! (for shame...)


  4. Sounds like a wonderful journey for the teapot. Spearmint tea sounds wonderful!


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