Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October's Color

I went in search for autumn, and found it in the beautiful color yellow. Cheerful and clear, this color is charming us this time of year from garden beds, colorful tree leaves, and from tabletop and cupboard shelf. Its the color that nature favors this season, abundant in harvest and in home.

Paula's amber glassware gleams on a shelf near an east-facing window. Sunlight filters onto the glass, creating a jeweled effect that is intensified by the repetition of pattern and its golden hue.

Alma's garden beams with sunshine's rays, illustrated so beautifully by the Black-Eyed Susan's she grows in her back yard.

Hen and rooster have accents in yellow, only intensified by a beautiful golden gravy boat at Elm Street Antiques.

When October dawns, school is well underway for children and young adults. Although hot lunches are now the norm, it doesn't take much to conjure up memories of days gone by. Do you remember your school lunch box? Was yours tin like mine was? If I recall, I had the same lunch box all the way through elementary school --- although in the upper grades sophistication took hold and the brown bag won out over the very practical tin lunchbox.

Gathering collections of items in yellow and placing them in a cozy corner of the house creates a cheerful appeal on days that are growing shorter and a little more dreary as coolness sets in.

Firewood is gathered by the truckload and is stacked and ready to split for winter's use. Brent, Grandpa, and Rylan have done a great job of doing this task which has become a family ritual over the years.

Pretty marigolds add not only cheer to the outside, but make a great addition to autumn meals. Have you tried adding marigold petals to hash browns or a leafy green salad? Yummy and so beautiful!

Salt and Pepper. . .in corn yellow. . .a beautiful addition to the table scape of autumn. And a reminder of the harvest season that is drawing to a close.

Bowls of golden pear tomatoes are being gathered at our house. Delicious in salad with sweet onions and fresh cilantro, they are in such abundance that they are also being dried and roasted for winter use.

October's color can be found in a campfire. It's golden glow signals just the right coals for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs --- and it's warmth keeps the toes of those whom you love nearby so nice and toasty!

Of course the color of autumn arrives in shifts and spells. Touches of summer still remain --- the red of Indian paintbrush and the vibrancy of green grass, revived by autumn's rain showers. Yet yellow peeks through, in flowers lifting their golden faces to the sunshine.

Right now a golden cup of tea and a nugget of brown sugar cube sound like the perfect way to welcome an autumn evening and the close of a lovely day. Life is full and busy right now. Autumn is the season of transition --- of season and of life. It's a time to enjoy the day that God has blessed us with, for abundance and blessings. And a day to look from to the future, seeking out the hope that's around the corner --- and the joy that newness brings.
I hope your A U T U M N is beautiful and abundant!
Thank you to Dad and Alma, Grandpa, Paula from Elm Street for sharing your golden autumn scenes with me and my camera!


  1. Hello LaTeaDah! happy Autumn to you. I love the colors and photos you are showing us here :0)

  2. Ahhh. . . my favorite color is yellow. Such a nice autumn color! Your photos are gorgeous. Thanks for reminding me that 'my' color is such a part of the season. I love the teacup and the pots. ~Adrienne~

  3. Just seeing all this yellow makes me grin. Now why am I not doing this more? Thanks for the ideas via these delightful pictures.

    Wonderful to see all your wood is in and ready to go. I'm sure that it's a good feeling!

  4. I really enjoyed this post...yellow is such a bright cheerful color, and now in autumn it brightens our days.

  5. I love all the yellow things you found. All the pictures are wonderful!

  6. What fabulous inspirations of YELLOW! Love the lunch box - is that Holly Hobbie? Too cute!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    PS I'm having a fall giveaway over on my blog - stop by if you have a chance.

  7. You know I loved this "yellow" post! I don't think I've ever seen (or heard of) yellow pear tomatoes!

    Missed you, glad you are back!


  8. I enjoyed all of these lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. And i can't believe you got SNOW this morning!!!

  9. What a beautiful pictures! I love the pcitures with the logs, as you know I have a weakness for them ;-)

  10. What a wonderful way to showcase "yellow"... so many pretty things, and that fire looked so cozy. I like the idea of putting a spot of yellow in a room.

    I also had a tin lunchbox. The one I had longest was red plaid with a matching thermos. I still love red plaid!

  11. What a great idea--so creative! You did a great job of finding a variety to represent the color of the season. The yellows, burnt oranges, and reds of this time of year are just beautiful! Hope you are well!

  12. oh...I loved this post...this time of year is my favorite...and YELLOW just happens to be my husbands favorite color...your test of this post is inspiring.

  13. Your pictures are lovely as usual. They brought back some wonderful memories. I haven't seen those little yellow tomatoes. Your blog is still beautiful.

  14. Yellow is my favorite color; so I loved seeing each and every one of your pictures and descriptions of fall yellows.

  15. What a beautiful inspiring post make me just want to get up and decorate!


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