Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bucky Loves Catnip

Summer herbs have grown proficiently and any gathering and harvesting needs to be completed soon. I've brought some of my favorites into the house so I can have fresh basil, sage, thyme, rosemary, and stevia for a few of the winter months. And some I am gathering and cutting to dry and store. Bucky also loves herbs! He can be a pretty independent kitty until the catnip comes out! After I sprinkle some on a heart-shaped rug on the porch, he immediately looses focus, forgetting the world and becomes the most tranquil kitty ever. He becomes lost in its hypnotic effect. After ten minutes or so of pure enjoyment, Bucky wanders off to sleep. Catnip is a member of the mint family. To learn more, go to the Cat World website. Interesting stuff!

In humans, catnip (which is safe to ingest) acts as a mild sedative and is usually taken as herbal tea. It's used in cooking and to treat symptoms like headaches, coughs, and insomnia. Catnip is also a powerful defense against mosquitoes, being ten times more potent than popular commercial mosquito repellents. Just some trivia for the day!

Be blessed and enjoy life today!


  1. Frisky, Gypsy, and Scarlet (aka Skittish Cat) all join Bucky in his joy of catnip! They all love a good nip!

  2. Funny, but we have a patch of catnip in our garden and my husband thought it was mint. He was putting it in everything until I told him he was feeding us catnip.

  3. so adorable ladonna! i did a post with my kitties pics and their reactions to nip not long ago too!lol ooo i love bucky! so cute:) catnip tea is my fav evening drink and each of my kitties get a little nip then too:) love your fall header too

  4. Those photos are sweet. Bucky looks so relaxed. Thanks for the catnip tips. I had no idea about the mosquito repellant properties of it.

    Nita Jo

  5. I've enjoyed the comments for catnip. Bucky and I thank you for them! And Leslie, I am going to try soe catnip tea. I think Marilyn's husband can proove that it's good for you!

  6. Boy is Bucky having a great time! :) For mosquito repellent, do you ingest or apply?


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