Monday, October 19, 2009

Books from Scratch

Sometimes its enjoyable and relaxing to break from routine to create! So, with glue, string, and papers I sat down to see if I could make a book from scratch. I've always admired the handmade books found in places like Etsy. Although my book was small and simple, it surprised me how much time it took. Embroidery floss and a buttonhole stitch trimmed an edge while strong thread on a needle bound the book at its fold. Giant rick-rack was glued on the edge, creating a scalloped look on the back. Another book was bound in the Japanese style and its pages were individually crafted with the help of a Dremel (power tool) after being dipped into tea and dried with a blow-drier. A plastic bracelet expressing 'gentleness' worked as a fastener for one, while another was bound by brad and a crocheted string of floss. Relaxing and fun, these little journals are a special place to keep notes, express feelings, or write goals. Creativity really is fun!


  1. What a neat idea, and the options for design and creativity are endless! Thanks for sharing with us. I love your Autumn picture too!

  2. Thanks, Martha. The books were really fun to make!


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