Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sisterhood of Herbs

Herbs, seeds, and flowers all reach their peak at summer's end. Gathered and dried, they make lovely teas or flavoring for foods prepared during the winter months. Those not gathered are left in the garden to feed the birds. With cooler days, the craft box attracts attention, and pretty papers, ribbons, buttons, and glitter all work together to make something fun! Recently I created little paper boxes and filled them with harvested and dried chamomile and calendula blossoms. Inside each box, a shiny surprise was placed, just like in a Cracker Jack box! Ribbons, glittered tags, fancy buttons, and a message tag were glued to each one. Bundled together, they were mailed off to a group of friends participating in an herb swap. In a week or two, a package will be arriving in my mailbox, filled with sixteen different herbal gifts made by my herbal friends. What a fun way to celebrate harvest, to hone creative skills, and to nurture friendships!


  1. What pretty little packages of simply sweet herbs!

  2. What fun crafty projects you are doing this fall season. Love them. The little books remind me of a time long ago when I made portfolios. I still treasure them. And herbs are such a gift from the heart. You packaged them so beautifully.

  3. Those are just adorable!
    I got my herbs planted this week, perhaps next year I might do something fun like that too.

  4. How very clever and practical...I have seeds in the garage...maybe this season I will knockoff your idea and share them! Thanks!


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