Monday, October 05, 2009

October Snow

Experiencing snow during the first weeks of October is so unusual, I just had to take pictures to share! Otherwise, I'm afraid that some might just not believe me! Cold and white, it was a pleasant surprise! A week ago summer was here. After one week of autumn, wallah! Winter! Fortunately autumn has returned for awhile and we are experiencing sunny skies again. There's nothing like the beauty of a pristine, white world though. Everything is beautiful with SNOW!


  1. What a lovely picture of the snow! What program did you use to make that collage?

  2. How gorgeous and serene!
    You really took some lovely photos.

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  3. Very pretty. Glad you get a little more autumn though before winter truly sets in.

  4. What a lovely surprise!! I can't imagine seeing this in October let alone any month down here!! It has snowed twice in all the years we have lived here, but of course it melts before it hits the ground!

    Thanks for snapping and sharing!

  5. This amazed me... not just a bit of snow...but a lot. Now I look forward to seeing those cozy cabin pictures I love that you share. We got our first mild frost so we said good-bye to the coleus, zucchini, and picked the rest of the tomotoes.


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