Monday, October 12, 2009

Praying Mantis

In our cold climate, it is nearly the end of the season for the mantid. This unusual creature is a member of the Mantidae family and is a welcome guest, outside of course. Commonly called the 'praying mantis' because of its prayer-like stance, it is an interesting and unique garden friend. Last week this pretty mantis blended with an old green window frame. She stayed for several days, somewhat lethargic as she prepared to lay her eggs and then faded away into oblivion; her purpose was past. This insect is a predatory cannibal and feasts on garden pests. Although the mantis is brutal when going for the kill, observing is interesting. Nature has its own ways. Even more interesting to me is observing how the praying mantis uses camouflage for protection. From light-colored sand to shades of dark or vibrant green, this creature is a study in contrasts. Although the mantids in my garden will be gone very soon, their egg packets are to be found on branch or door jam. They are protected in their cozy bundle until spring, and then the cycle will begin again.

Good-bye little mantis! Thank you for the tasks you've accomplished in my garden!

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  1. I love how it seems to have turned its head toward the camera. Almost like it was posing for you. Thanks for the post. I love the mantis and always stop to admire them when I see one.


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