Saturday, August 11, 2007

Peculiar Goose Dance

Rylan has titled this picture "Peculiar Goose Dance". I'm interested in his notes about this photo. They read:

"These guys were standing on a floating log out in the water. They must have stayed there for over an hour."

These guys? It sounds like they are neighborhood buddies. Well, maybe they were, as this was taken at the wildlife refuge just down the road. I believe Rylan took this photo several years ago. It was about the time he had just gotten his driver's license. He would take photo excursions by himself and birds and waterfowl were his area of photographic interest at that time. If he knew that the geese stayed there for over an hour --- that means that he was there just as long, observing. What patience!

Photo copyrighted by Rylan 2007
taken at the nearby wildlife refuge


  1. Your sons are both amazing in taking pictures! I love to see them :-)

  2. What youthful wisdom. I am refreshed with beauty. Time for me to rest and join my Beloved. So wonderful to spend time with you Dear One. Beautiful Carnation, never under estimate the staying power of your beauty.
    Good night.


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