Monday, August 27, 2007

A beautiful bundle of fresh cut flowers can be purchased for as little as $5.00. All are beautiful, but my traditional favorite are the bundles of statice. Technically called Limonium sinuatum, statice comes in the bright colors blue, pink, purple, white, and yellows. The flat flower clusters are sought after for use as a dried material for floral design. The flowers have a papery texture and hold their color well. It seems that no matter what the occasion, if I am at Pike Place Market, a bundle of statice is my first choice for purchase. I suppose by now it's a sentimental tradition, but one that I carry on just the same. From the excitement of my high school senior trip, to the stress of long weeks at Virginia Mason Medical Center as we dealt with mom's cancer and related issues, the little bundle of statice has been a part of the scene. This little bundle travels well, dries completely, retains it's color, and makes lovely arrangements or crafts for months to come.

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