Monday, August 13, 2007

Gull and Fish

Rylan's note:

Also taken at the refuge. I didn't notice the small fish in its mouth until I saw it on my computer screen.

Photo copyrighted by Rylan 2007


  1. I'm enjoying Rylan's photography! Nice surprise to find the fish after developing! Once I took a lot of pictures of tulips (at Holland, MI) and after developing them I saw a little critter among the flowers, he was staring at the camera too! I think it was a little chipmonk!

    Recently I saw a large bird flying with a snake! I didn't have my camera, but even if I did, I doubt I would have hung around to take a picture! He could have dropped the snake on me!!! Yikes!! LOL!


  2. Beatiful! Rylan, you have a great eye behind the camera!

  3. That is so free flight and with provision. Makes me think of the sparrow wanting for nothing. Lovely image to wined the day down.

  4. Nice shot. I love it when I download a picture and see something like that. Since I've been playing with the macro setting, I don't think I've taken one flower that didn't have a bug on it that my naked eye didn't see.


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