Monday, November 07, 2005

Gracious Hospitality ~ The Homemaking Art

Our Creator created us to create.

Living artistically, aesthetically, and creatively means that we develop sensitivity to beauty and use our practical abilities and skills to create an environment that nurtures those around us and speaks to our soul. Living artistically is a talent that can be incorporated into our homemaking each day, for homemaking truely is an art.

Homemaking is an art that communicates our love to those around us. It provides an outlet for the one who creates and provides nurture and a cocoon of tranquility to those the homemaker creates for. The beauty, organization, and development of the home environment is enhanced by a gracious, gentle spirit of hospitality --- the final brush stroke on the palate of a beautiful home. Hospitality is the essence of true homemaking.

May your visits to this site help you envision creative and gracious hospitality.


  1. Love it, what a neat blog spot!


  2. You know I had to go and create my own spot? LOL! I'll work on it as I have time. Love your pics and ideas!

  3. I'm happy that I was able to inspire you to write and create also! May your efforts be blessed with success!

  4. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Miss La Tea Dah,
    Your site is warm and friendly; filled with inspirational words and excellent photography. It is like spending a day with an old friend, cozy chatting, with periods of gracious silence. The social hospitality of genteel acceptance is experienced as meandering through the insightful words.

  5. BjR, thank you for your encouraging words. It is my desire that this site be filled with gracious hospitality --- warmth, friendliness, acceptance, quiet and chat. I'm so glad you were able to 'feel' the desire to spend time with an 'old friend' on these pages. Meander again soon!

  6. I think this blog has it all!!! Very nice!!! I have got a few ideas and I have learned a few things too. I will be back to visit again. I would also like to add your blog to my blog list..Nancy


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