Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Season's Passage

Seasons pass and with each one, new beauty is found. Last night we had our first hard frost. It marks a passage of time; the end of summer and the passing of summer glory that the garden brought forth is upon our acreage. It's a sad day for me. My roses, blooming in abundance since June, are preserved in a white cocoon of frost. The morning glory vine that graces the dog kennel is a jumbled mass of wilted green. And the expanse of lawn is winter white, sparkling in the sunrise. Golden leaves are scattered under the deciduous trees. Although today marks an ending, it's also a new beginning. Today a helper will arrive to spend the day in the garden, pulling out the hollyhock and sunflower stalks, trimming the rose bushes, cutting the lavender plants into silvery mounds, and preparing the gardens for winter snows. Dark earth will replace the abundance of green and the vibrant colors of marigold, nasturtium, and rose. Rest, a clean palate, and cold will replace the energy and abundance of the spring and summer garden. As with our spirit when taking time to rest, this tranquility will bring forth new life in the spring and the cycle of the seasons will start again. For now, the preparation for the next season sends me seeking a fresh start and a joyful heart.

[Thank you to my son for sharing his photographs with me for today's posting.]


  1. I wish you could send some of your cold my way, its 88 here in Texas today ! Feels like summer to me.

  2. I would enjoy some of that warm weather! My stevia plants made it through the frost, so I will cut them today and set them out for drying. The sweet basil is gone, though. The sunshine has appeared and a gentle 'warm' is here until the sun sets again tonight.

  3. We have had a cold front come through and its much nicer now. 64 and dropping. Tomorrow may just barely reach 70. I am not looking for any frost as I have tomatoes still on the vine.


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