Thursday, November 17, 2005

Family Traditions

Family traditions are a tie that binds. They act as the glue that holds a family together! Does your family have a tradition that they simply could not live without? Sometimes individuals have traditions too. Traditions can be as simple as a bubble bath after a day weeding in the garden, or as complicated as creating a specific menu for a family member's birthday each year. For nearly twenty years, Alma has formed a tradition in our family that is special and has created warm family memories. Ever since she married my dad, she has been making wonderfully delicious Almond Roca. It's sweet and crunchy and the chocolate melts in your mouth! In the autumn season she gets busy in her kitchen, preparing a multitude of this delightful treat. She carefully packages it into tins and then puts it in the freezer, ready for any holiday gift giving she has planned. My husband receives a large tray of this confectionary from Alma for his birthday each year. It's a gift that he looks forward to eagerly! It has become a family tradition. Alma's Almond Roca is also a traditional treat that co-workers and friends come to expect and delight in during the winter holiday season. Small things become warm memories and special ties that bind us to those we love.

*Almond Roca in the photograph is Alma's. Thank you!

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