Sunday, November 13, 2005

About Lavender: The Herb

Lavender has been a favorite herb for centuries and is recognized as a calming and tranquil herb. It works both as a relaxant and toner for the nervous system. Lavender is used for nervous exhaustion, tension headaches, muscle pain and stress.

In the gospel of Luke, the writer tells of Mary annointing the feet of Jesus with spikenard and wiping his feet with her hair. Spikenard was the original name for lavender during Biblical times. It was an herb mentioned frequently in the Bible and had great worth.

It's herbal use has been documented as useful for over the last 2,500 years.
Lavender's fragrant perfume was desired by the people of the Middle East. The Greeks and Romans also bathed in lavender scented water. It was from the Latin word "lavo" that the herb took its name. "Lavo" means "to wash". Lavender first made it's appearance in France in about 600 BC. It is now a common herb in France, Spain, Italy and England.

Common uses of lavender in modern times are in both commercial and homemade
products such as perfumes, soaps, sachets, and potpourri.

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