Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Remembering Mother on Her Birthday

Remembering my mother. . .on this day of what would have been her 80th birthday. How she loved nature, and especially wild flowers. She's has been gone for ten years now, but her legacy lives on. She taught about life through everyday things. It was natural for her to teach life lessons to young and old alike through nature studies. Today I am reminded of wildflowers as I think of her.

This Calypso Lady Slipper Orchid was found right near the cabin yesterday in what I've named Lady Slipper Hollow.

Although winter stayed late, spring and summer arrived quickly once the snows melted. The flowers could not be held back and this week burst forth in colorful bloom!

I found many of her favorites as I walked through the woods this week.

She so enjoyed the
Calypso Lady-slipper Orchids
Shooting Stars
Yellow Violets

She loved Cat's Ears both because they were unique and had such a darling name! They are also called Star Tulips and grow independently from others of its kind on the forest floor.

I was surprised to find this favorite flower of mom's this week as well. Shy and quiet, the wild ginger grows close to the ground and is usually hidden by its heart-shaped leaves. Mom enjoyed transplanting this plant to her home garden where it grew well.

June 24, 1934


  1. Your mother and mine were born the same year. I'm sure that I have mentioned this before. I am sorry that yours has been gone for ten years. Mine has been gone for three. It's odd to think of her being 80. When I think of her now, she is always young.

    Your mom taught you all about wildflowers. So many of these are unfamiliar to me...perhaps they don't grow here. Darling cat's ears that I know nothing of. We do have lady slippers, but they are much different from yours. Interesting to think about.

    Have a wonderful day honoring your mother's memory.

  2. Hello La Tea Dah...Blessings to your Mama in heaven. She left a wonderful legacy to the world-----you! Susan

  3. A friend once told me that remembering our loved ones is how we keep them alive. I love that thought. I can feel the love you hold for your mother.

  4. What a beautiful post to remember your mother. She is smiling at you from behind each and every one of those beautiful wildflowers.

  5. Happy day to you as you remember. What lovely memories with the amazing, gorgeous wildflowers. I love them all, but that lady slipper makes my heart just oh so happy.

  6. Hi, I discovered you through my friend Susan (Writingstraightfromtheheart). Your blog gave me a lift this morning, and I especially like this tribute to your mother, and your post on Wu-wo tea. Susan thought you might be agreeable to having me feature you in a blog tour...please can you get in touch with me? I'm over at Musingwithmytea.blogspot.com (or email: fiberfurnishings@gmail.com) Thanks! Vickie


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