Monday, June 16, 2014

Good morning, Sudo!

Good morning, good morning! Sudo is a sleepy-head today. She is not an early riser! Her sleepy eyes mask the intense energy that she usually exhibits! As I mentioned before, she's staying here for awhile while her master and mistress travel. She's settled in very well. She's still bugging Ms. Schnauzer with much attention, but the two are finding balance in their friendship (or lack thereof). Sudo would enjoy more play while Ms. Schnauzer spends her time hiding out most of the day by my pillow on the bed. Silly dogs!

Sudo is an Italian Greyhound, but the breed is called Iggy or I.G. by those who are affectionados of this type of dog. The Iggy is the smallest of the sighthounds. And Sudo, being the runt of her litter, is on the small side of the smallest. She's a tiny, slight little thing. Iggy's are the "toy" version of the full grown greyhounds, but remain a true genetic greyhound. Their bloodline is documented over 2,000 years. Iggy's, like other greyhounds, have a distinctive gait that reminds me a bit of a horses gallop. Sudo also exhibits the distinctive trait of walking on three legs with one held high and out of the way. And she can run like the wind! Her favorite game of all is "chase" and she wears the humans out in the family in short order. She, on the other hand, never seems to tire.

Sudo seems to think that anyone and everyone will love her. And they do. She loves people, although has a genetic trait of aloofness. These traits exhibit themselves in both ways --- on a whim! Sudo could aptly be described as athletic, agile, companionable, mischievous, intelligent, and affectionate. She really is a dear.


  1. Hi La Donna,
    I am so happy I found you again. I have have enjoyed catching up on what you have been up too. Please send me an email. I have a . To ask you.
    I think of you often . I so miss our swaps. When I use your tea towels they make me smile.
    Have a beautiful day.

  2. She is adorable! What an interesting description. I had no idea.

  3. And I notice she is allowed on the bed! Or maybe I should say she allows YOU on HER bed! ;)


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