Saturday, June 14, 2014

Little Miss Sudo

The granddoggy, Sudo, has come to visit for awhile. Her master and mistress will be traveling to places she cannot go, so she's staying at our house. Ms. Schnauzer is not too pleased and chooses to stay out of Sudo's way and to ignore her the best she can. But Sudo is delighted to have a doggy companion for awhile. As far as Sudo is concerned, Ms. Schnauzer is the "cat's meow". Sudo is still a puppy, and her energy levels verify that! Last night she was romping and playing with delight in the dark house. This morning revealed the last of a toilet paper roll shredded all over the living room floor and the cardboard tube that was inside all chewed up. But she's so sweet, you just have to love her anyway! I chalk it all up to "being excited to be here" and hope it is not an indication of nights to come! She is a constant companion and a bundle of energy. I took more than a dozen pictures of her today, and all of them are a blurry blob except for the one above. There will be lots of excitement around here for awhile! 


  1. They are so much fun...exhausting fun!

  2. Hi there, Aren't puppies just too fun; I'm wondering what breed Sudo is? Hope she settles in well.


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