Sunday, June 08, 2014

Garden Greens and Violets

Our menu for supper recently was bean enchiladas, spiced Spanish millet, and a garden green salad. It was the first meal from our garden greens. Oh, they were fresh and so delicious! There were freckled and white violets blooming nearby, so I added them in as well as some fresh curly parsley, Italian parsley, and cilantro from the herb garden. The violets were 'not' picked out of the salad at meal time --- by now my family is used to my ways.

Just think about all the vitamins and minerals in those garden fresh greens!

I used garden scissors to snip the baby greens. Since they were scatter planted, rather than placed in rows, the early harvest by snipping (not pulling) helps to thin them out and yet gives the plants opportunity to sprout new growth from the roots still in the ground.

The spring bush peas are growing, and the Cherokee bush beans have pushed their heart-shaped leaves out of the soil. Walla Walla Sweet onions are growing in two of my garden 'squares' and this week the pickling cukes and regular cucumbers have sprouted leaves through the earth. And, the beet greens are a little behind, but are coming along alright.

There is something about a garden...


  1. Oh yummy, La Tea Dah! Yummy yum yum Do you use lemon juice and olive oil for a dressing? Mmmmm Susan

  2. The garden looks beautiful and oh how beautiful the salad with the little blossoms.

  3. Beautiful garden!! Might you share your recipe for Spiced Mexican MIllet? I love all your VEGAN recipes! Truly appreciate the time and effort it is to share your beautiful life with us! Thank you!

  4. That salad is simply beautiful!

  5. Your salad looks wonderful. And I love your garden. Hoping to have a great garden area next year. God bless~ Lisa :O)

  6. What a neat and tidy garden.
    Oh how I love the violets in the salad.
    Just beautiful!


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