Thursday, June 19, 2014

Of Course You Love Me: Sudo

According to dog experts, the Italian Greyhound has a gentle personality, loving and affectionate with family members. We've found this to be true with our house guest, Sudo. Essentially, she believes that she is the center of the universe with an endearing attitude of "of course you love me". The world revolves around Sudo these days, and everyone is happy with that occurrence. She sleeps burrowed deep under a quilt or blanket during her naps. At night she burrows beneath the covers of a human bed, cuddling close. But she is particular about who she'll sleep with. She has a mind of her own. She likes to sleep in, but once she wakes up she acts as delighted as can be to see you! It's like she cannot wiggle fast enough. Such joy! Her favorite place to sit and be is perched on the chest of a human. It goes with her "of course you love me" attitude. But, if you put her down or tell her to move along, she cheerfully goes without a second thought. Ms. Schnauzer is slowly adjusting and is coming out of hiding more and more. They had several fun "romp and play" sessions today with Sudo essentially dancing around Ms. Schnauzer who thought she was being active, but compared to Sudo was quite dignified and proper. Sudo's been a pleasure to have around. She's even learning to like it outside and has learned how to walk on green grass without stepping quite so high. But more about that another time. . .


  1. My sister's dog is like that. She rarely meets a human she doesn't like and has even convinced my husband that he is in love with her!

  2. Sounds like an entertaining time at your house!

  3. Any chance that there's an Italian Greyhound of your own in your future? She sure is cute!


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