Tuesday, April 10, 2012



My mother had a love for flowering trees. It's a love that she passed along to me, although I don't have as many, nor so many unusual (hard to find) flowering trees. Our Thundercloud Plums have just started to bloom. They remind me of puffy clouds or pink cotton candy! It won't be long until the dogwood, crabapple, and cherry trees start to bloom too! I can hardly wait! Sometimes I enjoy taking my cup of tea to the front porch, where I sit and sip while I observe the flowering trees and all the life around them. Have you noticed how they attract squirrels, bees, and birds?

Trees are such an important part of our existence. This poem author so aptly expresses my feelings too!

{Here's a link to some of my mother's favorite trees and shrubs]

My Beautiful Flowering Trees

One day I shall buy some land

Plant countless seeds 

And watch them grow
Into beautiful flowering trees

A cool breeze 

Will bring me 

Sweet fragrances
From a thousand flowering trees

I shall listen 

To the songs 

From birds perched 
In the tall flowering trees

I shall play 

With my children and theirs

In the vast expanse of green 
Amongst beautiful flowering trees

One day I shall rest

Passing into oblivion

My ashes scattered
Amidst the beautiful flowering trees

by Ash Menon


  1. What a GREAT name!

  2. I do enjoy watching all the activity in the trees. Watching the spruce tree one sees bird flitting vertically as if they are riding on elevators. It's very busy out there.

    Your blooming tree is simply gorgeous and how I'd love to know the scent.

  3. Blossoming fruit trees are so lovely to behold. Love yours. Thanks for the comments on my blog and yes, I know they are you...

  4. Oh MY La Tea Dah....That thundercloud is GOR-GE-OUS. Wow wow wowsers. Bet it smells beautifully, too. Susan

  5. I so agree with you! We were sitting outside yesterday and I commented on how the fragrance from the Magnolia bushes in full bloom in the front yard was wonderful even in the backyard. It is such a wonderful time of year. I go out almost every day to see what buds are ready to open.

  6. Loving the flowering trees right now. I went out today to take a picture of our cherry trees which are just beginning to bloom and then traveled around the yard for other flowers. Thundercloud is a beautiful name.


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