Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thinking Ahead to Trees for Spring

 Autumn is a good time of year to plant young trees because the weather is cool and crisp.  They have a chance to become established before the really cold weather arrives, and then they lay dormant during the frigid months of winter.  Many plant nurseries have their stock on sale this time of year as well, so those shopping for plants and trees can find some really great deals on some beautiful trees.  Here's a list of some ornamental trees that make a nice addition to a yard or garden.  Happy tree shopping!

~ Idaho Lucust in dark pink

~ Flowering Almond in pink or white

~ Dogwoods
~ Varigated Box Elder
~ Weeping Cherries

~ Weeping Crab Apples (the kind that doesn't drop fruit)

~ Weeping Larch (Tamarack)

And some flowering shrubs

~ Deutzia (soft and delicate in white or pinks)
~ Porcelain Vine (white and green leaves with berries that don't take over)
~ Mock Orange Vine


  1. What a nice list...this makes me want to Google each and every one because I have no idea what they look like. I do know that if you recommend them, they are lovely.

  2. We have been wanting to add a Mock Orange, but not this year. Reorganizing the front yard and this would go in the back. That project will be for another year. Love your picture. I think it must be in Hood River, just a guess.

  3. oooo, I'll bet the mock orange smells lovely, too. Susan


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