Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Cultivated Gardens of Autumn

Observing the color and beauty of cultivated gardens is beautiful in any season, but nature creates effective scenes when it contrasts bright flowers with dry terrain and the fading beauty of late summer plants.  No longer fresh and prolific, greenery is turning sparse and dry, but it only lends accent and focus to the flowers who bow their heads to all who pass by.  Take a moment today to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you.  Even a tiny flower poking its head up through a crack in the sidewalk can bring a smile to your face on a day like today!  Be blessed and go, take on the day! 

Click on the picture for a closer look!


  1. You new header is more than lovely!

  2. Hello La Tea Dah....I cannot look for that little flower poking up from the sidewalk because there is torrential rain here today. Take care. Pretty photos in your mosaic! Susan

  3. I did have to take a closer look at your mosaic and I found a statue that I really like. What does the rest of her look like?

  4. Each season has it's own beauty. Love your cultivated garden.

  5. Lovely header.... lovely mosaic in your posting.

    Funny thing, I wanted to make a mosaic today, but realized I need to learn how first. Now I find your lovely ones....

    I found your kind comment on my 'blogging workshop' posting the other day. I like your idea. I will definitely consider it......

    It was lovely to hear from you. Here's wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places!

  6. I've just found your blog by accident, and I can't wait to peruse it! Just up my ally. I have put you on my favorites already. I was hunting for a picture of an amaranth bouquet and came across your pumpkin bouquet post of two years ago. Love it! I think I'll try it with my girls, and be sure to credit you when I post it. My blog,, is about growing all things good - both plants and children! Hope you can stop by! Jeannette

  7. Love your new header - and your photos today. I'm loving Fall and actually looking forward to Winter! Wondering what's wrong with me!!


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