Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Armchair Travels

Do you have a space in your home where you can take armchair travels to a place you hold dear? And I don't mean from the comfort of your armchair in front of the television! Adding collections and decor from places you've loved visiting can bring back fond memories and transport you to places far and near. Whether it is a trip to Paris, England, a tropical island, or the desert Southwest, mementos and decorating effects from interesting places can add variety and spice to your day --- and you don't even need to leave home! Such moments in time can add sparkle to the daily routine and it is fun to reminisce with loved ones as you chat about times spent together. A cup of tea while doing so brings in a bit of relaxation as you share together.

Photo: mementos gathered over the years ~ from Arizona and Mexico


  1. It's wonderful to have remembrances of our travels, La Tea Dah.

    I have quite a few myself. Take care. Susan

  2. I like this idea. The last time in Paris we bought some vintage linens, each time I see them hanging in my dining room or open my bed at night I am reminded.

  3. I love to buy an antique or collectible as a souvenir when I visit a special place. Great way to remember the trip.


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