Monday, April 09, 2012

Slowly, Spring!

It has been a cold and rainy spring. New growth is slow and flowering things are just coming out. It's been freezing at night, yet impatience for garden baskets and a vegetable garden is growing. One can only wait for so long without wishing to plant! A trip to a nursery  confirmed the cold spring! Everything is quite "new" and "small" yet as we all wait for warmer weather! 

Mostly a lot of "window shopping" was achieved, although a few heirloom seeds and some new mint plants made their way to my shopping cart. Pineapple mint, Catmint, Apple mint, and Spearmint all sound so good! I also found a lovely watercress nasturtium that should add great spicy flavor to tea sandwiches.

I left this plant at the nursery, but can you read the name? "Sweet TEA". Love it!

At lunchtime we braved the 45 degree weather for a quick lunch at the park. Thank you, Karleen, for indulging my love of eating alfresco dining! We were so thankful for the hot thermos TEA!

As we headed home, we couldn't resist stopping by a lovely little quilt shop. It was filled to the gills with yardage and a lovely shop owner who we shared an enjoyable visit with.

So, although spring is slow, it is slowly arriving and providing pockets of joy to the day!

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  1. What a perfect day! A garden shop, a quilt shop, and a picnic. I would love some of those sweet tea plants. Yesterday I got some packets of zinnias in the mail and wanting so badly to plant them this week. Maybe I will try one of them.


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