Sunday, April 01, 2012

A Rainy Day

Even a rainy day can entice one to adventure! A warm dry car, a willing driver, a thermos of hot tea, and a willing passenger or two makes for a perfect day! Rural roads that lead off the beat and track can take you to quaint and interesting places.

Raindrops were falling hard! Pictures were taken from the comfort of the car seat through an open window. Just past the gate, beyond the muddy roadway, were two wild turkeys. They were oblivious to the rain and were finding tasty morsels to eat. 

Early spring wheat fields were visible for miles and miles. They are so lush this time of year and make such a vibrant carpet of green. Imagine how much fun an Easter egg hunt would be in such a field! And isn't this the cutest farm? I love how all the buildings are coordinated in red.

Eddie Rabbit sang a song called "I Love a Rainy Night".  By simply changing "night" to "day", the words express so well what a lovely day it was! Sing along with me...

...well I love a rainy day, it's such a beautiful sight. I love to feel the rain on my face, to taste the rain on my lips, in the cloudy shadow. Showers washed all my cares away. . .yes, I love a rainy day, well I love a rainy day, I love a rainy day.

Welcome April! Remember, it's April showers that bring May flowers!


  1. That would be a good song to embrace here in the Northwest! So looking forward to those May flowers!!

  2. I too love a rainy day!! What a fun excursion


  3. Now why do I never think of a thermos of tea! That's the ticket.

  4. Well aren't we kindred spirit trekking forth in spring time rain...or in my case snow! Glad I inspired you to get "out and about"! Did you see any blooming marshmellow trees?

  5. Picture postcard photos, La Tea Dah. That is a very pretty farm, indeed! Take care and have a rest of a wonderful day. Susan

  6. Now the photos you took were quite nice. I am thinking they were adjusted a bit, but maybe not. Singing now and already the flowers are blooming. Ordered some seeds today too.


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