Sunday, April 15, 2012

Soft, Sober, Sage & Venerable Liquid

Early morning sunshine. . .spring flowers. . .and a pot of hot tea.

"Thou soft, thou sober, sage and venerable liquid! Thou innocent pretense for bringing the wicked of both sexes together in the morning! Thou female tongue-running, smile-soothing, heart-opening, wink-tipping cordial to whose glorious insipidity I can owe the happiest moments of my life."
Colby Cibber

Photo ~ My mother's "sweet pea" teacups with a Homer Laughlin "Priscilla" Eggshell Nautilus teapot. Flowers from my garden.


  1. OOOOO, Ahhhhh, you know how I love lovely tea cups, and tea pots!! and the flowers are wonderful too!!


  2. Beautiful picture, cups, teapot, and flowers. Love the quote too! Have never heard that one.

  3. How I love your lovely teacup and teapots. Together with lazy Sunday mornings. Great quote and pic. Enjoying our simple blessings.

  4. Our Teavana tea shopping habit is expensive...but worth is. Citrus Lavendar tea anyone? Or Sakura Green tea (flavored with cherry blossoms...).
    Bernie will be having his favorite Thai Mountain Oolong.

  5. Very pretty, every detail, La Tea Dah! Great job! Susan

  6. P.S. Your tension might be too tight so that's why you are getting the ruffled edges on your dishcloths. That's okay! I'm sure they are turning out great. :)


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