Friday, April 13, 2012

Moon Flower

Moon Flower is the common name for several kinds of flowers that bloom during the darkness of night. Frequently they exhibit flowers that are white. I especially like the one named Angel's Trumpets because they have such pretty, fluted trumpet flowers. They are graceful and elegant.  My friend, Salina, relates to them so well that she has named her blog, Moon Flower,  for these night-blooming flowers. She says that her creativity comes out at night and that she enjoys creating in the quietness and peacefulness that comes at the end of the day. For several years I have enjoyed observing the things she creates. Each of her projects comes from her heart and is an expression of who she is. She enjoys nature and this love is translated so well in her creations. I'm always amazed at the items she produces from simple, natural ingredients.  

Recently I was happy to receive a package from Salina. It contained one of her beautiful, felted bird nests with three baby-blue felted eggs inside. It also contained a matching handmade book and four pretty, stamped gift tags. They are so spring-like and look pretty on a table in my living room. Thank you, Salina!

If you would like to visit her shops, you can find her on these sites:

Handmade Books and Paper Items

Crocheted, Felted, Home Decor, and Jewelry

She also has a vintage and de-stash shop; linked on the sidebar of her blog.

I think you'll enjoy visiting her and seeing the pretty things she makes. Enjoy!


  1. Wow...thanks so much LaDonna. You are so sweet.:)

  2. I don't always comment - forgive me for that - but I always so enjoy reading your posts!! They always bring a smile to my face and a ray of sunshine to my day!!


  3. I have a love of birds nests and the grotesque one is so charming.

    Thank you for you sweet comment about our Luke...

  4. Adorable, La Tea Dah. Imagine Selina making those sweet eggs. Sh'es so clever. Susan

  5. She really has some beautiful things. I found one thing I need to order soon. What lovely gifts you received.


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