Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Mrs. Flower Lady's Yard

Mrs. Flower Lady lives halfway between my house and Karleen's. I was enjoying an afternoon cuppa tea when I received a text from Karleen that said: "This would be a good time to take pictures of Mrs. Flower Lady's garden". I looked outside and she was right! The wind had stopped, the clouds had cleared, and we had sunshine!  I texted back, "I'll meet you there in five minutes". And so we did.

Enjoy some of the lovely blossoms with me! 

The magnolia tree was in bloom! I think the blossoms look like huge tulips! This tree is the centerpiece of Mrs. Flower Lady's front yard!

Karleen and Mrs. Flower Lady visited as the shadows lengthened. Everything about the yard exuded a peaceful calmness. What a lovely day to find my "center" on a busy afternoon! Thank you, Karleen and Mrs. Flower Lady, for a bit of respite in my day!

What elements of spring are you enjoying today?


  1. Lovely thanks for sharing

  2. Nothing blooming like that in my world. Does she take care of that all by herself?

  3. Anonymous1:56 PM

    How utterly beautiful, LaDonna. In Charleston, we call these Saucer Magnolias (Magnolia x soulangiana) 'Tulip Trees'. <3 I am happy to say that we have these here in England, as well.

  4. I love seeing Mrs. Flower Lady's yard. Spring is so beautiful there. I am loving sitting here and looking out my window at the daffodils swaying in my lawn and the clematis traveling along my back fence in full bloom. I know a squirrel or a bird will soon travel past and I will enjoy that too.

  5. Very nice....reminded me of my Grandma ....


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