Thursday, July 09, 2009

Making Iced Tea

Making Iced Tea for a Hot Summer Day

For tea lovers, hot weather creates a
dilemma. Is it too hot for a hot cuppa? Learning to make a refreshing glass of iced tea can be a delightful alternative. Here are some suggestions and tips for creating that perfect glass of ice, cold tea!

The rules for tea making apply to both hot and cold tea, but when making iced tea use 50% more tea to allow for melting ice. Normally 4 teaspoons of tea would be used to make 4 cups of hot tea. But, to make 4 glasses of iced tea, you should use 6 teaspoons of tea. Some people even double this amount to 8 teaspoons.

To make 2 quarts of iced tea:

* bring one quart of water to a full boil and remove from heat

* immediately add 1/3 cup of loose tea

* stir and cover, allowing to stand for 5 minutes

* when done steeping, stir again into a 2-quart pitcher

* add an additional quart of very cold water

* serve in tall glasses over ice

* garnish with a lemon wedge or mint leaf if desired

[The same rules apply to herbal tisanes.]


  1. What a wonderful recipe to have. I have been lazy and have been making cold brew tea.

    Yours sounds wonderful.

    Do you use a large strainer?


  2. I haven't made iced tea with loose tea in many years! I just use the family size tea bags! Must try this!


  3. Your ice tea recipe sounds delicious.
    If you prepare ahead, make some strong mint tea with mint from your garden and freeze it into ice cubes.
    These mint ice cubes are wonderful in iced tea.


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