Thursday, July 02, 2009

Celebrating in WHITE

Celebrating white today with Marilyn and friends as we discover things around us that are white, just like the stars and stripes of our flag. Home objects, flowers and trees in nature, garments on loved ones, items that bring us memories of those in our past, and tokens that represent celebration can all be seen in my collage of white things from last months photo files. Red, WHITE, and blue --- the colors of our country and it's birthday that we will celebrate in just a couple days.


  1. Fun collage! I think my favorite photo is the table and chairs with the birch trees... I can see special memories being made here!

  2. You create the best mosaics! This one is stunning.

  3. What is that flower that looks like a piece of frayed linen? It's delightful!

  4. Vee, it's a blossom from an elderberry bush. It's in a mountain tree that bears LOVE! I keep close watch! LOL!


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