Friday, July 24, 2009

C o o l, Clear WATER

With temperatures in the triple digits, the importance of water is enhanced. Clear, cool, refreshing --- pure water is such a blessing! Lucy thinks so too! She loves chasing the pool brush and retrieving toys for Karleen. It seems she could swim forever. Such a faithful friend, her temperament is 100% GOLDEN retriever, even though she is as black as coal. With that dark coat, it's no wonder she enjoys the coolness of the pool!

Karleen is wondering how many laps around the pool make a mile. Hmmmm --- quite a few, I think!

This week we were reminded of water's importance, and of what it would be like living without! The pump in our well finally wore out (it has served us splendidly) and it had to be replaced. It was a day without laundry, dish washing, showers, and even drinking water. I remembered Clarice's sweet post about her outdoor washing station. After a trip to Karleen's with our blue plastic jugs for water, we set up a washing station outside as well. But it wasn't nearly as pretty as Clarice's, so no pictures! I am thankful for the excellent service of the pump company! We had water by the end of the day and are now enjoying it with even more appreciation.

Water also serves us in ways me might not think about. This is the view from Karleen's deck. On this day, more than three tugs with barges were vying for space as they were going up the river for wheat and bringing it down-river again on the way to the ocean. The huge piles of wheat in the background have been created as trucks from wheat harvest unload their golden cargo into huge piles. Over time (throughout the winter) these huge piles are reduced as it is loaded onto barges and shipped to ports on the coast. On a trip into town, wheat trucks are common on the highways along the way. Although our area grows dry-land wheat (no irrigation water necessary), water is very important for wheat's transportation.

Thank you, Lord, for WATER!


  1. Amen to that! Glad you got your pump fixed within the day!

  2. A double amen to that! (Except when it's the wettest summer in recorded history...still, I wouldn't want to be without it.) So glad that you have your water back. Nothing like being without to gain renewed appreciation for the essentials of life.

  3. Glad to hear you had water back so quickly. We don't realize how important something like water is until we lose it.

  4. What a cute doggie! :-) I have one just like that laying on top of my feet right now. Great blog about water. Great God to give us water!


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