Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lavender Love

Did Gracious Hospitality readers think that they might get through lavender season without a lavender post or two? Were you hoping? Yes or no! Anyone who knows me well, knows that afternoon tea and lavender are two of my favorite things! The lavender in my garden is past the bud stage and is in full bloom by now. Honeybees have found it, and someone, somewhere will be getting some delicious lavender honey! This year, no lavender has been harvested (it should be harvested at the bud stage). I'm enjoying the purple blossoms filling bits of space all over the yard instead. Lavender's silvery hue creates a tranquil mood everytime it's viewed --- and that mood multiplies each time hands squeeze the blooms when passing by.

Check back soon for lavender craft and recipe ideas.

Photo: Karen's Lavender Farm


  1. I LOVE your lavender posts. I'm hoping for a detailed one on how to weave lavender wands (with many pictures)!

  2. I love lavender! Thank you for the the beautiful picture. Lavender honey sounds wonderful. Have a joyful day!

  3. I have got to get over to Sequim this summer and walk through some lavender fields!! Beautiful...

  4. You just have to know I love this picture :)

  5. I'm loving all of your lavender posts. Mine is just coming into bloom in several different gardens. You have some wonderful ideas for using it. Two of my favorite ways are lavender lemon ade and lavender short bread. Thank you for all of the inspiration!


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