Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer's Song

"There is something that
transcends the everyday
in the mystery of a growing seed,
in the opening of a flower,
in the rich smell of the
good brown earth after rain."

Marjolein Bastin

* * *
The rains of earlier this week were warm and pleasant. This verse so adequately describes how it felt to stand outside in the drizzle. Gentle rain, warm and soft with the fragrance of the earth, grasses, and trees so fresh and renewed created a moment to savor. It's true that such simple gifts of nature transcend the everyday. Although the rains have now passed and sunshine graces our days, it's sweet to remember the misty days past.

*A note: I was so delighted that I actually found a bird that would sit still long enough for me to take it's picture! Maybe it was hypnotized by the rain as well!


  1. Must learn how to appreciate the rain during daylight hours. I already appreciate nighttime rain gently pattering on the roof, but more than one day of rain and definitely a month of rain makes me skitzy. %}

  2. i love your bird pic!!! also love marjolein bastians work! she is one of my favorites! your pic looks like hw she might compose a pic! hugs :)

  3. I love the rain in spring and summer, reminds me of England.

  4. Your photographs are wonderful.

    Enjoyed visiting,


  5. Oh I do understand and share that delight of a bird sitting still for a photo :0)
    Have a lovely weekend...

  6. I love this photo and the verse. But you know me...a total God lover and lover of all He has created!!

    We were at the beach today, and the dolphins came close into where the waves were breaking, and we got to see one leap up for a fish. It was so cool. I've seen that at Sea World, but never in the wild!

    Have a great weekend, my sweet friend!
    Love and hugs,

  7. Thanks to those who commented on my 'bird' picture!


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