Thursday, June 04, 2009

Beauty at Sunrise

Generally, I am not an early morning person. But, a look out the window early this morning revealed the sun just peeking over the horizon, creating beautiful shadows on the lawn. In fuzzy bathrobe and slippers, I made my way outside with camera in hand. The morning was too spectacular to ignore! The flowers seemed fresher and more vibrant. The morning dove was cooing in a tree by the house where it's nesting with it's mate. The dogs decided to come along with me, although it took some coaxing to get them off of their cozy pillows. Bucky was nowhere to be found, but Calli lazily followed along like the good, old cat he is. In the quiet of the day, with only sounds of nature and footsteps, I breathed in the fresh air and realized that, just like every day, this really was the day that the Lord hath made --- and that I needed to remember to rejoice in it!

Be blessed today!


  1. What wonderful images and what a nice way to start the day-


  2. So lovely! God is good...

  3. Yes! I peeked out the window this morning early too and thought what a beautiful morning. Unlike you, I went back to bed. No picture taking today. Your pictures are beautiful and makes me wish I had taken the camera outside too. Oh what a beautiful morning.

  4. I had a few moments so I visited some of your older posts. Had a very nice time and enjoyed all of the pitcures and stories.

    Blessings! ldh

  5. I love days that make you sigh with the sheer joy of them.

    So glad you shared your morning experience with us!

  6. So very pretty, sweetie!! Thanks for sharing!! Love and hugs to you, my friend,


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